Autumn weddings in Andalusia. More and more couples decide to celebrate their wedding in autumn, is it because autumn is the most romantic season of the year? It really does offer the possibility of creating dreamy, magical settings and having the most amazing pictures.

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3 Important facts that made autumn weddings in Andalusia amazing:

It is the ideal season for rural settings and places with amazing style and personality; places that are warm and welcoming. We can think of an old convent, a castle, a rural house or any traditional country place (Cortijo, Hacienda, Hotels with vineyards or olive groves).
There are three things that contribute to the beauty of those autumn months, to create that warm and romantic atmosphere:

  • First of all the light. A dimmer and softer light than the one in summer, a light that envelops everything and allows us to create unique atmospheres. A light very much appreciated by the photographers. The light becomes an accomplice to be part of memorable, idyllic photographs, like something out of a fairy tale. Beautiful photographs to remember for a lifetime, the beauty of that day.
  • We can also talk about the temperature; a temperature that makes daytime weddings much more pleasant for outdoor weddings. With this we mean the first months of autumn, such as September and October. After the hot summer Andalusian days, in which an outdoor daytime wedding are sometimes impossible due to the high temperatures, the possibility of preparing a wedding in the middle of an olive grove, or looking over some vineyard, in autumn, is very attractive. Another thing that this temperature allows you to wear evocative and romantic wedding dresses.
    Sleeved gowns, in which tulle, organza and lace would have the possibility to be the main character of your idyllic and unforgettable outfit.
  • The third element we can mention are the colors. While it is true that autumn is the time of the year when the vegetation begins to lose its splendor, the trees compensate by shedding their leaves, creating majestic landscapes of dreamy and romantic beauty.

Styled Shoot at Hacienda El Loreto

Let us not forget to mention that Autumn is harvest time full of chestnuts, apples and not ofrgetting one of our personal favourite: MUSHROOMS, don‘t forget to add these to your menu!


The advantages of a wedding in autumn are also important. We have talked about beauty and romanticism, but we cannot forget the practical side of the celebration. In certain venues fewer weddings take place in autumn compared to the spring or summer, so it is easier to find a venue (especially in the month of November). The same goes for the photographer, caterer, caterers, suppliers, etc. There is more availability and as a result: better prices.

Autumn in Andalusia is the ideal season, neither too cold nor too hot; moreover, it has some of the most unique landscapes in Europe. It has parks and natural landscapes of incredible beauty. We can mention, among others, the Doña Ana National Park (Huelva and Seville),National Park of Sierra Nevada (Granada), the Alcornocales Natural Park (Cádiz-Málaga), Sierra de Grazalema (Cádiz-Málaga), the Natural Park Las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas (Jaén), Laguna Amarga Natural Reserve (Lucena-Córdoba), Sierra de Andújar Natural Park (Jaén) and Paraje Natural Desierto de Tabernas (Almería).

In autumn weddings we will find romanticism, beauty, cozy atmospheres to dream and dream and remember forever. The bride and groom will find that something different, peculiar, that will make them dream and later remember that special and unique day.

Have you ever been to a wedding in autumn? What did you most like about it?

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