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Belén & Carlos

“We would choose you a thousand times.
One of my best friends told me before her wedding that “Happiness is only real when shared” (movie In to the woods) and, without a doubt, Eva and Sarah could not represent that phrase better.
From the first moment we started to prepare the wedding with them it became a shared dream among the four of us.

We couldn’t be more grateful and happy for the work they have done with us during the whole year and a half: the regular meetings, the perfect control of the timing so that everything was on time, the advice and the endless ideas of things we wouldn’t have thought of….
We could write millions of things about them and their work (because they are wonderful) but undoubtedly one of the most important for us was being able to enjoy our wedding every second without worrying about absolutely anything because they were there and, as the bridesmaid of the wedding said “They were on absolutely everything”.

Their work is SPECTACULAR and there is not a single guest who has not congratulated us for how well organized everything was. And it is, in large part, so spectacular because of the infinite emotion they put into every little detail.

Sarah, Eva: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing, designing, organizing and living with us the best day of our lives.
Without you it would not have been possible and, although it sounds corny and cliché, thank you for being our fairy godmothers.
You were without a doubt our best choice.”

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Pilar & Ernesto

“Thanks to Sarah and Eva, the girls from That’s Amore, we were able to focus solely and exclusively on enjoying our day. Knowing that everything was in their hands, we were 100% carefree and everything went wonderfully. What a peace of mind to know that everything is under control and you just have to let yourself go and enjoy. All the guests were delighted with our wedding planners.
It was a pleasure to have organized our wedding with them!!!!. For our silver wedding anniversary…we will count on them again. SUPER RECOMMENDED!”

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Irene & Pepelu

“Recently we were so lucky to count on That’sAmore wedding planners for the coordination of that special day in our lives: our wedding. On our third wedding attempt (due to the Covid-19), we decided to look at the short term and set up the wedding three months ahead; wishing we did not have to postpone it any longer and assuming the handicap that it might be.

Absolutely; the wedding would have been impossible without Eva and Sarah: in record time, they guided us through all previous wedding preparations (which were much more than we had imagined) and helped us with those that got stuck for one reason or another. They perfectly understood the concept of the wedding that we were looking for; which was not quite usual; so they managed to prepare OUR wedding and not any other.
On the big day, everything was thought out, prepared and went perfectly so that we only had to think about enjoying ourselves with our loved ones”.

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Pilar & Borja

“Our wedding would not have been the same without them. We hired That’sAmore Wedding Planners thanks to a friend’s recommendation, and they have exceeded our expectations. Our wedding was a challenge, as there were many details to coordinate and we could not be happier with the result; I would not hesitate to hire them for any event, they are the best, plus excellent people, hugs girls!”

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