Meet the team

Eva & Sarah Samoré

The heart of That’sAmore is us, the Samoré sisters Eva and Sarah. Since our early childhood we have had a close bond, which has become stronger and stronger over the years due to many moves and new cultural circumstances. Today we work side by side with great passion and complement each other in a natural way. We both grew up with an entrepreneurial mentality and are used to supporting and bringing out the best in each other.

Our family history begins like a romantic travel novel: the wedding of our Spanish mother Joaquina and our Italian father Francesco took place in Switzerland. After trips to Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy, we finally found a place as a family in the Canadian city of Montreal, which we made our home. Our family of six moved closer together and everyone who gets to know us quickly feels how important cohesion and sincere love are to us. These values are reflected in our work and are the backbone of That’sAmore.

That'sAmore story

Love has been a big part of the Samoré Family since we can remember

Where and how does the That’sAmore Team begin?

Sarah’s wedding is a milestone for us, that has created a before and after in our lives. The „before“ is an enchanted garden that we found in Cadiz and from which we conjured up a wedding location that will remain unforgettable for everyone present. Together we had planned everything down to the smallest detail and absorbed everything like two inquisitive sponges. The „after“ is the beginning of That’sAmore.

For a year we had been planning and working on it together. Our guests travelled to Andalusia from the most different corners of the world and we wanted to make the wedding day a unique event for all the guests. When it was all over and everyone had returned to normal life with a bunch of beautiful memories, we cried. We were sad that it was all over, but at the same time happy to know to had found something that had brought so much joy to both of us. That’sAmore is not a job, it is not work for us. It is our vocation.

In the typical Samoré manner, it was now time to roll up our sleeves: we got down to work immediately. Countless journeys, excursions, sightseeing, conversations with local suppliers and the discovery of hidden andalusian gems, with That’sAmore we have put something together that we can call the best decision of our lives.