You have decided to get married during ” The most wonderful time of the year” and you would like to give your wedding that Christmas touch. In today’s entry, we bring some ideas to give your special day that extra something without turning your wedding into a Christmas party, it will be: A CHRISTMAS WEDDING.

There are many ways you can bring the Christmas spirit to your wedding. Whether it is in the decoration, menu, the wedding favours or all over. You just have to find what fits your style most and let your imagination go wild. Here is a list of ideas for you to add to add to your wedding checklist of things you would like to have:


  • A Christmas tree. Of course you can have one at your wedding, it’s Christmas, why not? Even though in Southern Spain it isn’t the typical household decoration, more and more families are putting one up for the holidays and you will easily find them everywhere in the cities. Add some chocolate decorations to it for the kids (and big kids) to enjoy.
  • Christmas lights. YES! You can totally use them for the ceremony, banquet and party (where you can add some Santa hats for your guests to wear during the Party.
  • Poinsettias. They don’t necessarily have to be red, they also can be white, coral and so many other colours. They will look beautiful on a dessert table, along the aisle for the ceremony or even as a centrepiece.

Picture taken by us during a course at WWL Academy in 2019.


  • Christmas tree decorations for your guests. You can even customise them with your guests name and your guests will use them over and over again every year on Christmas. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a ball, it can also be a star, an angel , a snowflake or any other shape that might represent something for you both.
  • A Christmas candle. This will also be lit every year by you guests and they will bring them back to your beautiful wedding day.
  • Cute mini bottles of typical Christmas drinks like Eggnog, hot buttered rum or mulled wine.


We can’t deny the fact that we are Christmas lovers! When it comes to making your wedding more Christmassy we have plenty of fun and pretty ideas. Foodie or not, the Christmas menus is an important. You might be 2 or 20 but there is always something special to prepare for Christmas.

Here you have some ideas:

  • Christmas cookies at your dessert table. If you have decided you are giving that “ho ho ho” extra make sure to add the most beautiful Christmas cookies you can find, both adults and children will love this.
  • Eggnog galore. Let your guests enjoy as much of this delicious festive treat they can get!
  • Have a food station with Christmas specials, where guests can find that unforgettable Christmas flavour in small bites.

Picture by Alberto Ramírez
Cake by Aquarela Cakes
Picture from a course we did with WWL Academy.

If you would like to know more you can add your questions in comments or don’t hesitate to contact us. We wish you a very very Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year.