Are you looking for a wedding cake that is truly special? We’ve put together some truly stunning ideas for you to love!

The wedding cake is a special element in the wedding celebration. The wedding cake often features the bride and groom themselves and is an important part of the wedding decorations. So the wedding cake must be especially beautiful and eye-catching.

Your wedding cake: What you need to consider

A wedding is a very special occasion and so should be the wedding cake. So that you do not encounter any nasty surprises when preparing your wedding cake, we have put together some tips and decoration ideas for you here.

1. The size of the wedding cake

The wedding cake does not necessarily have to be huge – often a small, two-tier cake is enough. The most important thing is that it is well-proportioned and fits in with the rest of the decorations and the ambiance of your wedding. Nevertheless, keep the number of wedding guests in mind! After all, everyone should have the opportunity to have a piece of your special cake.

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2. Style: romantic, modern or classic?

Decide on a style that suits you.Most couples opt for a romantic wedding cake. But what makes a romantic cake? The answer is quite simple: love! It radiates love and romance and is therefore a great choice for your wedding.

If you choose a romantic cake, then you should also choose the appropriate decoration. Flowers, hearts and other romantic motifs are the perfect choice for your wedding cake. The colors should also be harmonious. Pink, red and white are the most popular colors for the romantic wedding cake.

The modern wedding cake is diverse in color, shape and size. The traditional wedding cake with white fondant and marzipan is not the only option for brides and grooms nowadays. Modern wedding cakes can be made and decorated with many different materials, such as flowers, fruits or even jelly.

The traditional wedding cake consists of three tiers – each with its own decoration and meaning. The bottom tier is the strongest and supports the entire cake. Therefore, it is often referred to as the “pillar.” The middle tier is the “bridal tier” and the top tier is the “crown cake”.

Each of these three tiers can be decorated with different decorations. The most popular wedding cake decorations are flowers, pearls, ribbons, lace, bows and of course the names or initials of the bride and groom.

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3. Cost of a wedding cake

Have an eye on the costs involved in making a wedding cake. These costs can vary greatly and depend on many different factors. So, you should inform yourself well before you make a decision. Per piece you can calculate about 4 to 8 euros. However, this is only a guideline that you should discuss with your caterer, pastry chef or us. You can calculate with about 1.5 pieces per guest.

4. What shape should the wedding cake be?

There are no more limits for the choice of the wedding cake. In addition to classic circles and squares, heart and star shapes are also very popular. Thus, you can give free rein to your creativity and customize your wedding cake.

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5. Decorating the wedding cake: What decoration should the wedding cake have?

Here, too, there are no limits to your imagination. In addition to classic flowers, you can also decorate the cake with photos of the bride and groom, hearts or other romantic motifs. Just make sure that the decoration fits the rest of the wedding concept.

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Are there alternatives to wedding cake for your wedding?

The wedding cake is such a big part of the wedding celebration- but what if you don’t really like cakes? Well, there are some great alternatives to wedding cake that can be just as beautiful and delicious!

  • Cupcakes: cupcakes are small, individually portioned cakes that are perfect for a wedding. They can be decorated in the same colors and patterns as a regular wedding cake and are often even more delicious.
  • Cheesecake: Cheesecake is a great alternative for couples who aren’t big on sweet foods. Cheesecake can be made in many different flavors and is often even healthier than a regular cake.
  • Fruit Cake: fruit cakes are another healthier alternative to wedding cake Regional and seasonal fruits are a top choice.
  • Chocolates: chocolates are small, sweet delicacies that are perfect for a wedding. They are good to portion and decorate as well.
  • Macarons: Macarons are small, sweet cookies that come in many different colors and flavors.

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Wedding cake ideas: Inspiration tips:

Here we have a number of possible cakes as ideas for you:

  • Buttercream cake: most wedding cakes are made of three to five layers of buttercream. Each buttercream cake has its own speciality and variety.
  • Chocolate cake: a chocolate cake is the perfect choice for a wedding cake that needs to be a little different. This type of cake is very moist and tastes great.
  • Tiramisu Cream Cake: If you want something different than a traditional fruit or chocolate cake, this tiramisu variation is just the thing. Decorate the cake with coffee beans and fresh berries for a rustic touch.
  • Strawberry Cream Cake: Strawberries and cream are a classic pairing perfect for a wedding cake. The fruity tartness of the strawberries is balanced by the sweet cream and sponge cake base, resulting in a delicious taste sensation.
  • Sacher Cake: Sacher cake is one of the most popular wedding cakes ever. This classic cake consists of a firm, dark chocolate cream layered between two layers of sponge cake. Sacher cake is often also covered with a thin layer of marzipan and decorated with chocolate icing or fondant. A Sacher cake is always a real eye-catcher and also tastes fantastic!
  • Red Velvet Cake: The American wedding cake. The Red Velvet Cake is now also very popular in Germany and Spain. This American wedding cake consists of a fluffy, red sponge cake covered with a sweet cream filling and a thick layer of marzipan.