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There are different types of wedding hairstyles for different hair lengths and hairstyle types. The hairstyle you choose should match your face and personality. It is also important to consider what style you want for your wedding. Here are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles for different hair lengths and hairstyle types summarized for you!

Bridal hairstyles are an essential part of the wedding preparations. They give the bride that certain something and are an expression of her personality. There are endless hairstyles that you can choose for the big day. But which one is right for you?


Vintage bridal hairstyles

If you opt for a vintage bridal hairstyle, you’re going for a classic look with a modern twist. These hairstyles are timeless and go with any wedding dress. They can look either romantic or even wicked – just the way you like it. A vintage bridal hairstyle is the perfect choice for an elegant and stylish wedding. It can be combined with any wedding dress and is a great choice for the bride who wants to create her own style.

Bridal hairstyles with short hair

Bridal hairstyles with short hair can be as elegant and romantic as hairstyles with long hair. Sometimes it is even easier to style short hair because you have less hair to prepare. If you choose a bridal hairstyle with short hair, you have many different options. You can wear your hair down, tie it into a loose chignon, or put it up into an elegant chignon. Short hair can also be styled with a veil or a barrette to give the bridal hairstyle more wedding glamour.

If you have short hair, you can opt for a pixie cut, for example. This not only looks great, but is also very practical as you don’t have to worry about your hair on your wedding day. A bob is also a good choice for bridesmaids and brides with short hair. This one not only looks elegant but is also very practical.

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Combine bridal hairstyle with veil

You are looking for a romantic and elegant wedding hairstyle? Then a bridal hairstyle with veil might be just the thing for you! The veil is a true classic among wedding accessories and is guaranteed to conjure up a unique and romantic bridal look for you. Whether you choose a short or long veil, is entirely up to you. The only important thing is that it matches your hairstyle and your wedding dress. A bridal hairstyle with a veil can be suitable for both short and long hair. The most important question here is what effect you want to achieve with it. For a romantic and soft bridal look, long, curly hair is best, which you can let fall back with the veil. Short hair, on the other hand, can also be combined into a voluminous updo with a veil.

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Bridal hairstyles with long hair

If you choose a bridal hairstyle with long hair, you simply have endless possibilities. Long hair can be styled in almost any direction and you can choose the most diverse looks. For a bridal hairstyle with long hair that looks a bit more glamorous, you can opt for a curly hairstyle, for example. To do this, first curl your hair into soft curls with a curling iron or a round brush. Then you can fix the curls with a hairspray.

Alternatively, you can also choose a bridal hairstyle with long hair that is a bit wilder. In this case, you can, for example, braid a pigtail or wear your hair open. Again, if you want, you can crown your bridal hairstyle with a veil.

High pinned bridal hairstyles

If you are looking for a bridal hairstyle with long hair that is a bit more romantic, you can opt for an updo, for example. For this, your hair is first tied up at the back of your head and then pinned up into a chignon. If you want, you can then crown your hair with a beautiful veil.

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Hair wreaths and other hair accessories as part of the bridal hairstyle

Here we are right on trend! Bridal hairstyles with hair wreaths are a great way to look romantic and elegant at the same time. Short bridal hairstyles can also look very romantic when combined with a flower crown. Long bridal hairstyles can be spiced up with various accessories such as a veil, hair combs or hair clips. Even bridal hairstyles that are pinned up can look very elegant with hair combs.

Hair wreaths are one of the most beautiful accessories for the bride. These can be made of flowers, ribbons, feathers or just beautiful strands. The headdress can also be customized to match the hairstyle. For example, the bride can wear a tiara if she has an updo hairstyle. Most wedding dresses are kept simple, so that the headdress is particularly well accentuated.

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