Are you dreaming of the perfect marriage proposal and want everything to be perfect? Then you should also choose the perfect engagement rings! But which rings are right for you and your partner? Our article will help you make the best choice.

Do men wear engagement rings?

This question often comes up when couples are thinking about their engagement. The answer is clearly yes! It’s absolutely fine for a man to wear an engagement ring. In fact, it’s even a great idea because it shows that he is just as ready as his partner to take that step into marriage. Men wear engagement rings because they want to give their fiancée a clear sign of their love and devotion. By wearing an engagement ring, a man signals that he wants to be faithful to his fiancée and be there for her. According to a recent study from Germany, almost 50 percent of male fiancés wear an engagement ring.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

This is a good question that many couples ask themselves when thinking about their engagement ring. The answer is not quite so simple, as it all depends on what kind of ring you want. Modern engagement rings can cost several thousand euros, but there are also very beautiful rings that cost significantly less. How much you want to spend on your ring is entirely up to you. The only important thing is that the ring reflects your personality and that you feel comfortable with it.

Verlobungsringe für Mann und Frau

If you are unsure what exactly you are looking for, you can seek advice from a jeweler. There you can find out more about the different designs and materials and find the ring that suits you both best. 

However, modern engagement rings don’t have to cost a fortune. You can buy or even have beautiful engagement rings made for just a few hundred euros – especially if you don’t want gold.

What material can an engagement ring be made of?

An engagement ring can be made from many different materials. Most engagement rings are made of gold or silver, but other metals such as platinum or palladium are also often used. Apart from the metal, diamonds, rubies, sapphires or other precious stones can also be incorporated into the ring.

Verlobungsringe für Mann und Frau

On which hand do you wear an engagement ring?

Most couples choose to wear the ring on their left hand, but there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to wear it a certain way. It may be a good idea to wear the ring on the hand you use most often.

Are there modern engagement rings?

Verlobungsringe für Mann und Frau

When people think of engagement rings, they usually think of classic rings with diamonds. However, modern engagement rings have also become increasingly popular in recent years. These rings are usually made of gold or platinum and have a modern design. Modern means that it doesn’t always have to be the smooth-cut model with or without a diamond in the center. 

If you are looking for a modern engagement ring, then you should choose a ring that suits your style. Modern rings come in many different designs and sizes. Modern rings are usually slightly larger than classic rings. You should therefore make sure that the ring is not too tight. When you wear a modern ring, you are also sending out a clear message: You are not too traditional

Ideas for an alternative to a classic engagement ring

Engagement rings are a big and expensive undertaking – but they don’t have to be. If you’re looking for an alternative idea, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you opt for a traditional or modern alternative is entirely up to you. The only important thing is that you feel comfortable.Verlobungsringe für Mann und Frau

The first alternative we would like to introduce to you is the so-called Claddagh ring. This ring is an Irish classic and consists of two hands clasping a heart. The heart stands for love, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty.

This ring is therefore a wonderful choice if you are looking for a ring that symbolizes everything you love about your relationship.

Another alternative is the so-called puzzle ring. This ring is a relatively new concept and consists of several rings of the same size that are joined together. This ring is perfect for couples who like to work together and see their relationship as a puzzle. So this ring is a great choice if you’re looking for something more modern.

If you don’t want a ring at all, you can also have a joint coin or thaler minted. This can be engraved with personal details, such as their names or the day they met.