Four types of bridal bouquets

A modern bridal bouquet

The modern bouquet is a unique and exciting accessory for the bride. It can be made up of a wide variety of flowers and is a real statement piece for the big day. 

Dried flowers are a popular choice for modern bridal bouquets as they are long-lasting and create a natural look. Winter bridal bouquets are also a great choice as they usually consist of flowers that are in full bloom during the cold season. Blue flowers are another popular choice for modern bridal bouquets, as they add a unique pop of color that goes well with white or beige dresses. Modern bridal bouquets can also be small and simple – a small but delicate bouquet is often the perfect choice for the bride who prefers not to be the center of attention all day.


A classic bridal bouquet

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The classic bouquet – the perfect eye-catcher for your wedding! It is elegant and timeless and will certainly be remembered. The classic bridal bouquet is composed of white or cream-colored flowers and is wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. For a trendy twist, you can also choose flowers in other colors.

A vintage bridal bouquet

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If you’re looking for something different to the classic white bouquet, you’ll find it here. Vintage bridal bouquets are usually composed of flowers in delicate pastel shades and wrapped in lace or silk. This bouquet is perfect for a romantic wedding and will certainly be remembered.

A rustic bridal bouquet

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Rustic bridal bouquets are usually made from flowers that grow in nature. These bridal bouquets look particularly beautiful when used in combination with wood, metal or other natural materials. Rustic bridal bouquets can also be made from ordinary flowers such as roses, tulips or lilies. If you are looking for a rustic bridal bouquet that reminds you of nature, then a rustic bridal bouquet is just the thing for you.

Which flowers can be part of your bridal bouquet?

Choosing the flowers for your bridal bouquet is an important decision. After all, you will be carrying the bouquet throughout the ceremony and in the photos. So the flowers should not only look beautiful, but also match your dress and the style of the wedding.

Roses are a popular choice for bridal bouquets. Roses represent love and romance and are therefore perfect for a wedding. They can come in many different colors so you can match them perfectly to your dress and the color of the wedding.

Another popular flower for bridal bouquets is the lily. Lilies stand for beauty and sincerity and are therefore also a good choice for a wedding. They can be available in different colors.

Carnations were not the first choice for the bridal bouquet in the past, but today they are a popular flower for the big day. Carnations are particularly popular for classic bouquets and wreaths, as they are also comparatively inexpensive.

Sunflowers for your bridal bouquet? Why not! The radiant flowers are perfect for a bold and unconventional bride. Combine them with some wild grasses and you have the perfect rustic bridal bouquet.

Orchids can also complement a modern or classic bridal bouquet. They are a popular choice for bridal bouquets because they come in so many different shapes, colors and sizes.

Lilacs and violets can also be flowers for the wedding bouquet. The color violet stands for truth and purity. Violets stand for virginity. Together they symbolize the bride’s chastity.

What does your bridal bouquet cost?

The cost of a bridal bouquet depends on many factors such as the size, but also how complex the arrangement is and which flowers are in season.

The average price for a bridal bouquet is between 150 and 200 euros. However, there are also cheaper options. For example, a smaller bouquet of dried flowers only costs around 100 euros. If the bridal bouquet is to be very simple, a budget of just 50 euros may suffice. There are hardly any upper limits to the costs.

Who chooses the bridal bouquet?

Traditionally, the groom chose the bouquet and surprised the bride with it. But that is not a thing anymore.

Is it the bride who envisioned a certain bouquet from the very first moment?  Maybe it’s one of the two who knows which flowers his/her sweetheart likes best? Or does the couple decide together which bouquet they would like to wear on their big day? You can make your own rules and have fun choosing.

Which hand do you hold the bridal bouquet in?

In the right or the left? The traditional answer is: in the right! Because the bridal bouquet is more than just a beautiful arrangement of flowers. It is a symbol of fertility, happiness and love. And that’s exactly why it should be held in the right hand – the hand closest to the heart.

Alternatives to the bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a common feature of many weddings – but what if you’re not the classic bride and are looking for alternatives?

A flower bracelet is a beautiful alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet. It’s ideal for those who don’t like to carry a large bouquet. Flower bracelets are usually easy to wear and look very elegant.

A flower box is another bridal bouquet alternative (although not common). The special thing about a flower box is that it lasts longer than a conventional bouquet. You can really let off steam when designing a flower box. It is suitable for both a rustic wedding style and a modern look. Make sure that the flower box is not too heavy.

A hair wreath made of flowers can also be used instead of a bridal bouquet. Here the flowers can be worn as a tiara or woven directly into the hair as part of the bridal hairstyle. Hair wreaths offer an amazing variety of possibilities and have the unbeatable advantage that you always have your hands free.